The Benefits of Probiotics for Skin Care


Despite its bad rap, not all bacteria is harmful – in fact, the human body houses a microbiome of over 10,000 microbial species that are working around the clock to keep our systems regulated and healthy. We usually associate these beneficial bacteria – called probiotics – with gut health. Ingesting live strains of certain bacteria, typically through yogurts, cheeses, and fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and pickles, has proven to regulate digestion and boost the immune system.

But did you know probiotics can be beneficial to your skin health as well? We are constantly being hounded to keep our faces clean, but persistent scrubbing with cleansers that are too harsh strips the skin of its natural oils and bacteria, leaving it exposed to dryness, inflammation, and acne.

In order to keep your complexion rosy and refreshed, take the Goldilocks approach to skin care: Not too dry, not too oily, and effective at repelling environmental factors that lead to irritation and inflammation. Skin care products with pre and probiotics reset the human microbiome and encourage the growth of healthy bacteria that keeps your skin composition balanced. And a balanced diversity of healthy microflora nurtures a more calming environment for your skin, leading to fewer inflammatory flare-ups. If you have sensitive skin that breaks out easily, or conditions such as eczema or rosacea, here is what you should be looking for in a daily cleanser:

  • Prebiotics: The plant-based “food” that probiotics eat to flourish. They discourage the development of pathogens (disease-causing bacteria) and preserve the beneficial flora that live on your face.
  • Probiotics: Live microbial strains the body produces naturally, but that are often stripped away by harsh cleansers. They have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that soothe sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, and kill bacteria that leads to acne breakouts.
  • Lysates: Bacterial cell lysates contain fragments of probiotic bacterial strains, but are not live cultures. Like their active counterparts, lysates generate broad microflora growth and are proactive in treating disruptive skin conditions such as acne.

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