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The Benefits of Waxing


All too often, the thought of waxing unruly body hair leads to further thoughts of pain, skin sensitivity, and bright red rashes. But before you walk your legs away, take a look at the top benefits of this method of hair removal over shaving – you may be surprised at what you find:   Waxing is a longer-lasting hair removal …

The Benefits of Probiotics for Skin Care


Despite its bad rap, not all bacteria is harmful – in fact, the human body houses a microbiome of over 10,000 microbial species that are working around the clock to keep our systems regulated and healthy. We usually associate these beneficial bacteria – called probiotics – with gut health. Ingesting live strains of certain bacteria, typically through yogurts, cheeses, and …

The Dangers of Tanning

sunfx sunless tanning

Forget going under the knife – let’s talk about the dangers of going under the tanning table. Ironically, while most people associate a warm, bronze tan with health and vitality, a tan is a visible sign of skin cell damage. When you tan your body is producing more melanin, which is the pigment responsible for skin darkening. But in order …

The Benefits of Green Tea for Your Skin

It isn’t easy bein’ green – except when it comes to using green tea as a natural addition to your skin care routine. Tea has long been regarded as a superfood for its healthful properties, and green tea in particular is touted for its ability to aid in weight loss, memory loss prevention, insulin and blood sugar control, and cancer prevention.

Winter Skin Care For Dry Skin

dry skin

Winter is here and your summer glow is officially gone. As the cold creeps into your bones, so does the cooler, drier air that strips away moisture, leading to dry skin that reddens, itches, peels, or cracks during the winter months. But don’t let dry, peeling skin ruin your cool this winter – read on to learn how you can …

Hyla3D HA Activating Lip Complex

Hyla3D HA Activating Lip Complex

Want kissable lips for Valentine’s Day? Follow these simple tips! If you are looking to revitalize and volumize your lips for healthy, youthful looking skin try Jan Marini – Hyla3D HA Activating Lip Complex.

Rejuvenate Your Face with a Chocolate Facial

chocolate facial

Chocolate facials are the new trend taking the health and beauty world by force, because cocoa is chock-full of minerals and nutrients that help hydrate, tone, and nourish your skin. Learn about how a chocolate facial can lead to fresher, healthier-looking skin.

February Specials

February specials – just in time for Valentine’s Day!